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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restricted items I can’t store?2019-04-08T17:49:02+00:00

Illegal Items

If it’s illegal to own, it’s illegal to store.


Careful consideration should be given before storing flammable liquids and materials, such as gasoline, kerosene, and fireworks. Even seemingly innocent cleaning, aerosols and paint products can overheat and ignite, so it would be best not to place them into an enclosed unit.

Haz mats

Hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, and toxic substances cannot be placed in our units.


We do not allow the storing of firearms at our facility.

What forms of payments do you accept?2019-03-27T21:33:08+00:00

We accept all major credit cards, cash (handed off in person at our office) and personal check.

Are my items insured while they are in storage?2019-03-27T21:32:14+00:00

We do not provide insurance for your belongings while in storage with us, but if you have a homeowner’s policy, you may have coverage for off-site storage. While we are confident in the safety and security of our storage units, we encourage you to visit with your insurance agent to be sure, or to inquire about specialty insurance.

How can I tell what size unit is best for me?2020-07-07T19:18:09+00:00

It’s obviously better to have more space than you need than not enough, but: To get a general idea, you can use the Storage Calculator here on our web site, or you’re welcome to call us for help.

If you have questions or need immediate help deciding on – or signing up for – a unit, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

We look forward to providing your storage solution!

      1443 East Rusk Street
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      Please note: our renters receive round-the-clock access to their unit, but our office is only staffed during these hours:

      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
      7 AM to 12 NOON

      Tuesday & Sunday

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